MC Series Accessories

Commercial Blade Guide Kits

Commercial Blade Guides are made from durable and highly visible fluorescent orange material and feature FISHER® branded reflective tape. Available in 24" or 36" lengths, these blade guides provide improved visibility and enhance your ability see the position of your blade.

Part Numbers
24" for all models
36" for all models

Deflector - Rubber - 10"

Dress up your blade and improve functionality with a genuine FISHER® rubber deflector. Made from 2-ply heavy-duty rubber and accented with the FISHER logo, this easy-to-install Rubber Deflector Kit will provide improved visibility by deflecting snow forward instead of onto your windshield.

Part Numbers
#22390 For 10' models

SnoFoil® - Steel

Blaze through deep snow with a genuine steel SnoFoil® from FISHER®. The curved rigid design provides excellent snow rolling performance, which ensures that you have visibility while plowing regardless of the conditions. Made of reinforced steel and coated with our durable Storm Guard yellow powder coating, this kit contains all the necessary hardware and instructions for an easy install.

Part Numbers
For 9' models
For 10' models

Cutting Edge - Steel - 1/2"

Keep your blade at the top of its game by installing a genuine FISHER® cutting edge. Made of tough high carbon steel, a cutting edge will increase wear resistance and restore your worn base angle to the proper geometry which is vital to protect you and your equipment.

Part Numbers
For 9' models
For 10' models

Deflector - Steel

Extend the height of your blade and help keep snow off the windshield without affecting your ability to stack snow with a genuine FISHER® Steel Deflector. Made of powder coated mild steel, this deflector is designed to be an exact fit for your blade and provide improved plowing efficiency.

Part Numbers
#26490 For 9' models


This quick-release, flexible control mount adjusts into any position. The magnetic base allows for easy removal with no mounting holes in your dash. Can be used with most plow and spreader controls. Base plate included.

Part Numbers

Plow Parka

This heavy-duty FISHER® branded nylon cover protects electrical and hydraulic systems and includes elastic sewn into the bottom for a tight, weather-resistant fit.

Part Numbers