Show Your Metal
Not for Amateurs

Your equipment has to live up to the challenge your customers demand. That’s why pros like you choose the XBLADE™. With exclusive X-Bracing and a premium stainless steel moldboard, you simply can’t find a commercial snow plow built tougher than this. 

XBLADE Snow Plow Video
Trip-Edge Design
Rugged Moldboard
Attack Angle & Curl
Double Angle Base Angle
Minute Mount® 2 System Video
Reliable Hydraulics
Chain Lift System
In-Cab Plow Controls
FLEET FLEX Electrical System
INTENSIFIRE™ Halogen Headlamps
Minute Mount® Done in 30 Seconds TV Spot
X-Series Features & Benefits TV Spot
XBLADE Music Spot 1
XBLADE Music Spot 2
X-Series Music Video
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Printable Specifications


Blade WidthBlade HeightBlade GaugeTrip SpringsRibsAngling RamsPlowing Width
(Full Angle)
Approx. WeightWear ShoesCutting Edge
8' 31" 12" 4 10 1½" x 12" 7' 1" 790 lb Optional 1/2" x 6"
9' 31" 12" 4 10 1½" x 12" 7' 11" 835 lb Optional 1/2" x 6"
* Plus Vehicle Mount – Average 60 lbs.
Snow Plow