A New Standard in V-Plow Performance

Fisher Engineering’s XV2™ v-plow features extreme flared wings, super-fast hydraulics and our proven trip-edge design that gets you smoothly over hidden obstacles – in all blade configurations – without losing your load. 

XV2™ Video
Efficiency Calculator
Flared V-Plow Wings
Reinforced V-Plow Blade Structure
Dual Trip-Edge Protection Video
Double-Acting Cylinders Standard
Steel Cover for Center Hinge
Minute Mount® 2 Snow Plow Mounting System
Reliable Hydraulics
Chain Lift System
Universal In-Cab Controls
SECURITY GUARD™ Plow Anti-Theft System Video
STORM GUARD™ Baked-On Powder Coat
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Blade WidthBlade HeightBlade GaugeTrip SpringsRibsAngling RamsPlowing Width
(Full Angle)
Approx. WeightWear ShoesCutting Edge
7' 6" SS2.29m SS 37" at end
31" at hinge
93.98cm at end
78.74cm at hinge
141.98mm 44 1212 1¾" x 11"4.44 x 27.94cm 6' 7" full angle
6' 4" scoop
6' 10" full V
2.01m full angle
1.93m scoop
2.08m full V
914 lb414kg optionaloptional 3/8"0.95cm
8' 6" SS or PC2.59m SS or PC 38" at end
31" at hinge
96.52cm at end
78.74cm at hinge
141.98mm 44 1212 1¾" x 11"4.44 x 27.94cm 7' 5" full angle
7' 2" scoop
7' 8" full V
2.26m full angle
2.18m scoop
2.34m full V
957 lb434kg optionaloptional 3/8"0.95cm
9' 6" SS or PC2.90m SS or PC 39" at end
31" at hinge
99.06cm at end
78.74cm at hinge
141.98mm 66 1212 1¾" x 11"4.44 x 27.94cm 8' 6" full angle
8' 2" scoop
8' 7" full V
2.59m full angle
2.62m scoop
2.62m full V
1044 lb473kg optionaloptional 1/2"1.27cm
* Plus Vehicle Mount – Average 60 lbs.

PC = Powder Coated Steel
SS = Stainless Steel
Snow Plow