Maintenance Accessories

The best way to ensure original equipment reliability and efficiency is to purchase only genuine, factory tough FISHER® maintenance products for your FISHER snow plows and spreaders.

Fisher Grease product image

Freeze Guard Grease

Specially formulated to protect moving components in arctic mining conditions, this grease is ideal for bearings, hinges and pivot bolts on snow and ice control equipment. The custom formula maintains viscosity from -40 up to 300 degrees, and military-grade, corrosion-prevention additives protect equipment from corrosion without harmful environmental impact. FREEZE GUARD Grease is available in cartridges, pails, totes and drums.

Part Numbers
#72901 14oz Cartridges
#72902 7 lb Pail
#72903 120 lb Tote
#72904 400 lb Drum

Dielectric Grease

Keep your FISHER® plow running strong. Apply our specially formulated dielectric grease after each use to prevent corrosion caused by electrolysis and highly corrosive de-icing agents.

Part Numbers
#22400K 2 oz tube

Emergency Parts Kit - Minute Mount® 2

Be prepared! Emergency Parts Kits are designed specifically for either the original Non-FLEET FLEX Minute Mount® 2 snowplows, or the new FLEET FLEX system snowplows. All kits contain high volume FISHER® Genuine Factory-Tough service parts needed for most emergency repairs.

Part Numbers
#43500 For all FLEET FLEX plows
#43400 For all Non-FLEET FLEX Minute Mount® 2 plows

FISHER® EZ FLOW Hydraulic Fluid

FISHER® EZ FLOW high performance hydraulic fluid is recommended for use where low temperatures or rapid changes in temperatures are expected. For operating temperatures as low as -40°F. Results in less electrical current draw from the truck battery during cold weather operations.

Part Numbers
#28531 1 quart, min. 12 per case
#28532 1 gallon, min. 6 per case

FISHER® Factory Original Paint

Genuine factory tough paint provides durable coverage and is mixed to match your original equipment in yellow, black and silver. Available in spray cans, quarts or gallons.

Part Numbers
#5242 Yellow 12 oz spray can, painted
#27242 Yellow 12 oz spray can, powder coated
#5492Y Yellow quart
#5490Y Yellow gallon
#20498 Black 12 oz spray can, powder coated
#27700 Silver 12 oz spray can

Spring Adjustment Tool

Get the job done safely and easily by using Genuine FISHER® tools and test equipment. The spring adjustment tool is required to replace damaged spring assemblies or to configure the HDX trip springs for the 55 degree attack angle.

Part Numbers
#20043-1 For all models