Auger Tube Restrictor Kit

Prevent leaking issues when using fine pellet, flake or other ice melt products. The material control tube is a sleeve that is designed to ensure that expensive ice melt materials are securely contained and cannot leak out as you drive down the road.

Part Numbers
#51107 For all models

Optimum Flow Kit

The optimum flow accessory is designed to improve material flow and is required in order to distribute a salt/sand mix. The kit contains a secondary vibrator and modified dual pitch baffle. The vibrator aids in keeping material moving inside the hopper while the dual pitch baffle maintains an even feed of material to the auger, preventing bridging and over loading of the auger motor.

Part Numbers
#51106 For all models

Dielectric Grease

Keep your FISHER® spreader running strong. Apply our specially formulated dielectric grease after each use to prevent corrosion caused by electrolysis and highly corrosive de-icing agents.

Part Numbers
#22400K 2 oz. tube