Pre-Wet System

The pre-wet system accessory allows the operator to activate deicing material by applying a liquid deicing agent directly on the material prior to leaving the hopper, providing you with increased material efficiency and superior ice control.

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Part Numbers
ON/OFF Pump Kit
Full Feature Pump Kit, FISHER®
Pre-Wet 50 gal Tank Kit* (Two 25 gal tanks)
*Additional tank kits are not compatible with a vibrator

Central Point Grease Kit

The Central Point Grease Kit provides easy access to grease points, simplifying preventative maintenance greasing that is essential to maximize bearing life.

Part Numbers
#11763 For all models

Vibrator Kit

Designed to help move stubborn material and prevent bridging, a genuine FISHER® Vibrator system will ensure that less-than-ideal material, which is prone to bridging and clogging, will not hold you up when you need to be on the move.

Part Numbers
For all FLEET FLEX models*
For all non-FLEET FLEX models*
*Only compatible with one 50 gal pre-wet tank kit or
one 100 gal pre-wet tank kit

License Plate Kit

Stay legal with our quality illuminated License Plate Kit. This genuine FISHER® license plate kit has been specifically designed for your hopper and allows you to move your license plate to a spot that is visible and legally compliant.

Part Numbers
#78197 For all models

Strobe Light Kit

Make sure you're seen, day or night, with our complete hopper Strobe Light system. Constructed from high impact plastic, and rated beyond -20º F, this yellow LED strobe system has been designed to last and will ensure that you're seen in even the worst of conditions.

Part Numbers
#99766 For all FLEET FLEX models

Work Light Kit

A genuine FISHER® Work Light system will grant you increased visibility at the rear of your spreader. Encased in anodized aluminum, and rated beyond -20º F, this LED Work Light system projects over 1000 lumens to help you monitor material distribution and illuminate potential hazards while backing up.

Part Numbers
For FLEET FLEX models
For all non-FLEET FLEX models

Secondary Work Light Kit

Take it up a notch with a genuine FISHER® secondary work light kit. Designed to integrate with our work light kit (99505-1), this accessory kit will provide an addition 1000 lumens of light on the opposite side of your FISHER spreader.

Part Numbers
#99732-1 For FLEET FLEX models

Dielectric Grease

Keep your FISHER® spreader running strong. Apply our specially formulated dielectric grease after each use to prevent corrosion caused by electrolysis and highly corrosive de-icing agents.

Part Numbers
#22400K 2 oz. tube

Ratchet Tie-Down Kit

This Tie-Down Kit provides additional in-bed stability and security. The 4000 pound, high-strength shipping straps allow you to add an extra measure of safety as you move tons of salt down the road. Each kit includes four ratchet tie down assemblies. (Hoppers require bolting to the truck frame for proper operator safety.)

Part Numbers
#68790 For all models

Stainless Steel Inverted V Kit

Reduce heavy startup loads on the drive train and reduce bridging during operations with a genuine FISHER® Inverted V. Made of 12-gauge 201 stainless steel, the Inverted V is manufactured to be corrosion-resistant and stand up to the most demanding environments. The Inverted V Kit is easy to install and includes all of the necessary hardware and instructions.

Part Numbers

For 1.5 cu yd models
For 1.8 and 2.5 cu yd models