Truck Accessories

Genuine, factory tough FISHER® accessories are available for outfitting your vehicle.

Dual-Lock Fastener Control Mounting Kit

Adhesive-backed locking strips secure snow plow and spreader controls to interior vehicle surfaces. Strips allow the control to be easily removed yet held firmly in place during use.

Part Numbers


This quick-release, flexible control mount adjusts into any position. The magnetic base allows for easy removal with no mounting holes in your dash. Can be used with most plow and spreader controls. Base plate included.

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PROTUBE Bumper Guard

Attractive, black powder coat "off-season" bumper/grille guard designed for use with either the FISHER® Minute Mount® or Minute Mount® 2 System push plates. Easy 10-minute bolt-on installation and no drilling required. Includes tabs for mounting auxiliary fog lamps. FOG LAMPS NOT INCLUDED.

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Rooftop Strobe Lights

Outfit your plow truck with these top-of-the-line revolving lights! Manufactured by Whelen Engineering to strict FISHER® specifications. Choose from full size strobe, mini bar, and mini strobe.

Part Numbers
#26018-2 Mini Strobe light
#26019-1 Full Size Strobe light
#26020-2 Mini Bar Strobe light
Ballast Retainer Kit

Ballast Retainer Kit

Safely secure ballast behind the rear axle of a vehicle using the FISHER Ballast Retainer Kit.

Part Numbers
#62849 For plow vehicles requiring ballast