Winter Isn’t Afraid of the Dark.
Neither Are You.

Winter doesn’t sleep. It’s up at all hours of the night. Equip your snow plow setup with FISHER® INTENSIFIRE LED headlamps with patented EdgeView technology. These LED plow lights provide a full 180 degrees of light visibility. You’ll be able to clearly see the full width of the plow blade and the storm in front of you—all night long.


Unique features

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Patented EdgeView Technology

The EdgeView technology design features a dedicated lens and LED bulb that directs light through the outer edge of each headlamp. This provides a full 180 degrees of light visibility, illuminating the plow from edge to edge, for the best all-around view of the plow’s operating environment.

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100% LED Performance

The FISHER® INTENSIFIRE LED headlamps offer 100% LED performance, which means every single bulb inside of the headlamps is an LED bulb. These LEDs provide up to two times the light output of halogens and have a much longer life expectancy for long-lasting performance.

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Solid Optics

Enhanced solid optic elements place light exactly where it needs to be, rather than relying on reflectors to aim the light as with many other halogen and LED lamps. This allows for optimized light projection which has been engineered specifically to improve poor visibility in inclement weather.

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Superior Visibility

The INTENSIFIRE LED headlamps provide best-in-class performance and visibility. When in low-beam mode, the LED headlamps provide a flat, even, ultra-wide, ultra-bright LED light pattern for superior visibility while also helping to reduce eye fatigue. When in high-beam mode, operators can see further down the road and experience a clearer view of upcoming hazards and the plowing environment.

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Intuitive Heating System

Automatically senses temperature on the lens and activates heating elements when necessary to prevent snow and ice buildup, keeping the headlamps at full illumination and you plowing ahead.

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Advanced Lens Design

The forward-sloped lens is specially designed without a bezel to ensure it remains clean and free from ice buildup, and you can remain in the cab of your truck.

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Engineered and Tested for Durability

The INTENSIFIRE LED headlamps are designed with a robust, two-stud mounting bracket that helps hold the headlamps firmly in place. They are tested to withstand plowing in extreme temperatures, vibration, impact, water submersion, corrosion and shock.

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Plow Compatibility

The new INTENSIFIRE LED headlamps are available as an option to upgrade existing FISHER truck plows. To verify vehicle compatibility, be sure to check our eMatch program for all of the most up-to-date vehicle applications.

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