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There’s no better way to apply the finishing touch to sidewalks, paths and driveways than with the FISHER® POLY-CASTER UTV hopper spreader. Designed specifically to fit into the bed of a UTV, the POLY-CASTER UTV hopper spreader lets you easily address the applications where only a UTV can go. Why perform the job with anything else? Turn your UTV into a winter workhorse.

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Unique features

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Designed to Fit UTV Beds

The POLY-CASTER UTV hopper spreader is the proper width/length, and the capacity is appropriate to meet vehicle weight requirements of most utility vehicles.

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A custom fitted tarp cover helps to keep your ice control material dry and prevent clumping.

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Dual Electric Motors

The two high-torque 12-volt electric motors provide quiet, reliable and independent control over the auger and spinner mechanisms. The spinner motor is sealed inside a weather-resistant housing, protecting it from corrosion.

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Dual variable-speed control allows you to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions. A switch to run the vibrator is integrated into the control for operator convenience.

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Corrosion-Resistant Hopper

The one-piece, hopper is built of durable poly for corrosion-free performance, whether using rock salt, calcium chloride, or any other type of de-icing material.

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Material Delivery

Material is delivered by a heavy-duty steel auger.

If an obstruction occurs, the transverse auger system will reduce downtime by automatically reversing until the obstruction is cleared and then normal operation will resume.

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The durable 12" corrosion-free spinner delivers a spread pattern of up to 30'.

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Spinner Guard

Located at the top and bottom, guards help protect the spinner from damage if the operator accidentally backs into a solid object.

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Quick-Connect Spinner Assembly

Gain easy access to the hitch by removing the quick-connect spinner drive assembly.

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Chute Assembly

For convenient access to the hitch, the quick-connect chute assembly can be easily removed.

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Inverted V / Vibrator

An inverted V comes standard and helps keep sufficient material weight off of the auger, ensuring smooth startup and flow of material. It is directly connected to the vibrator to further reduce bridging and keep material moving to the auger.

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Top Screen

A steel top screen comes standard, which helps break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process to prevent clogging and bridging during spreader operation.

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Ratchet Straps

Standard nylon ratchet straps provide additional in-bed stability and security. The 4,000 pound, high strength shipping straps allow you to add an extra measure of safety as you move heavy loads of salt in your UTV. (Hoppers require bolting to the UTV bed for proper operator safety.)


auger tube restrictor kit


Prevent leaking issues when using fine pellet, flake or other ice melt products. The material control tube is a sleeve that is designed to ensure that expensive ice melt materials are securely contained and cannot leak out as you drive down the road.

optimum flow kit


The optimum flow accessory is designed to improve material flow and is required in order to distribute a salt/sand mix. The kit contains a secondary vibrator and modified dual pitch baffle. The vibrator aids in keeping material moving inside the hopper while the dual pitch baffle maintains an even feed of material to the auger, preventing bridging and over loading of the auger motor.


Adhesive-backed locking strips secure snow plow and spreader controls to interior vehicle surfaces. Strips allow the control to be easily removed yet held firmly in place during use.

rooftop strobe lights


Outfit your plow truck with these top-of-the-line revolving lights! Manufactured by Whelen Engineering to strict FISHER® specifications. Choose from full size strobe, mini bar, and mini strobe.


Keep your FISHER® plow running strong. Apply our specially formulated dielectric grease after each use to prevent corrosion caused by electrolysis and highly corrosive de-icing agents.


Specially formulated to protect moving components in arctic mining conditions, this grease is ideal for bearings, hinges and pivot bolts on snow and ice control equipment. The custom formula maintains viscosity from -40 up to 300 degrees, and military-grade, corrosion-prevention additives protect equipment from corrosion without harmful environmental impact. FREEZE GUARD Grease is available in cartridges, pails, totes and drums.


Models 11.00 cu ft
Body Side Length 64" 1.63 m
Capacity 11.00 cu ft 0.31 cu m
Hopper Construction Polyethylene Polyethylene
Hopper Dimensions (LxWxH) 52 ½" x 43 ½" x 26 ½" 133.4 cm x 110.5 cm x 67.3 cm
Dimensions Overall (LxWxH) 64" x 48 ½" x 41 ½" 162.6 cm x 123.2 cm x 105.4 cm
Min. Bed Length 32" 81.3 cm
Approx. Weight (Empty) 280 lb 127 kg
Motor Dual Electric, 12V DC, Sealed Dual Electric, 12V DC, Sealed
Spinner Size 12" 30 cm
Spreading Width Up to 30' Up to 9.14 m
Materials Salt or 50/50 Salt/Sand Mix Salt or 50/50 Salt/Sand Mix
Vehicle Application UTVs UTVs

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