UTV Tailgate

Salt Placement with Precision

Command your ice control efforts with the new line of FISHER® stainless steel drop spreaders. The TRAILCOMMANDER 250 and TRAILCOMMANDER 600 provide up to 36″ of spread width in a drop pattern so the salt stays exactly where your vehicle drives, protecting turf and sensitive surfaces bordering the paved area. And with three mounting systems, these units can fit on most UTVs, compact tractors, or wheel loaders to make quick work of sidewalks, walking paths, and other paved surfaces where truck equipment can’t easily gain access.

Type of Spreader

UTV Tailgate


Unique features

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Top Screen & Bag Splitter

Break apart large chunks of de-icing material with a stainless steel hatch screen to reduce bridging and clogs during operation. Easily cut open bags of rock salt with the built-in bag splitter for easy loading. The bag splitter can be folded down and kept out of the way when it's not needed.

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Fitted Lid With Rubber Straps

De-icing material is protected by a custom-molded polyethylene lid that includes rubber straps to secure the lid in place.

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Free-Flowing Material Delivery System

To ensure material flows consistently into the spreader trough and prevents bridging, the proven material delivery system has a rotating paddle geometry and new interference baffle to agitate the surrounding material.

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Easy-to-Activate Baffles (up to 36" Spread Width)

Treat sidewalks and walking paths with one or two passes at a spread width of 36 inches. Easy to activate three inch baffles on either side of the trough limit spread width to 33” or 30” to limit damage to sensitive surfaces on either side of the path.

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Easy Clean-Out

Drop open the entire bottom of the trough for easy and fast material clean-out after each job. Allowing you to store any leftover de-icing material in a dry, weather-resistant container until you need it for the next job.

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Variable-Speed Control

Enhanced speed control allows you to precisely match material delivery rate to the conditions. A single variable-speed control knob provides precise control of material flow rate.

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Construction Built to Last

Laser-cut stainless steel, high strength rivets, and oil filled poly bearings provide a long, maintenance-free service life.

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Mounting Options

For maximum versatility, the drop spreaders come standard with three mounting options – 2” receiver hitch, 3-point mount, and in-bed mount for use on multiple vehicle types.



Keep your UTV spreader control protected from the elements with the UTV Spreader Control Shield. A molded, plastic “visor” attaches to the top of the UTV spreader control to protect it from the rain or snow.


The Control Cup Holder Mount is designed to fit firmly in most vehicle cup holders (plow control featured in image). It's a genuine, factory-tough accessory specifically engineered to securely hold FISHER® hand-held or joystick controls and all types of smart phone devices (not included with mount). This flexible gooseneck mount has a 360-degree rotation and ensures optimal, customizable positioning.

Now compatible with spreader controls using a Spreader Control Adapter Plate, order separately (#82018).


Gain the flexibility and easy installation benefits of the cup holder control mount with every spreader installation using the new Spreader Control Adapter Plate Kit. Kit contains a durable metal mounting plate and hardware.

Control Cup Holder Mount not included, order separately (#82006).


1.5 and 2.0 cu ft extension collars are available as an accessory to increase material capacity for UTVs that can handle the additional weight.


Make sure you're seen, day or night, with our Strobe Lights for added visibility during operation. Encased in high impact plastic, this yellow LED strobe works in temperatures as cold as -20°F and will ensure that you're seen in all but the worst of conditions. Make sure you spread safely with strobe light markers.


See more to do more with the Work Light Kit for better visibility at the rear of your spreader at night. Encased in anodized aluminum, and good to less than minus 20 degrees, this LED work light will put over 1000 lumens where you need them, when you need them. The LEDs mean low amp draw, so you can easily use more than one.


Loosen up with this Vibrator Kit to help move stubborn material and prevent bridging. Featuring a 200V DC vibrator motor in a metal housing, our vibrator will help prevent bridging and clogging, improving material flow so you can do your job faster and better.


Adhesive-backed locking strips secure snow plow and spreader controls to interior vehicle surfaces. Strips allow the control to be easily removed yet held firmly in place during use.

rooftop strobe lights


Outfit your plow truck with these top-of-the-line revolving lights! Manufactured by Whelen Engineering to strict FISHER® specifications. Choose from full size strobe, mini bar, and mini strobe.


Keep your FISHER® plow running strong. Apply our specially formulated dielectric grease after each use to prevent corrosion caused by electrolysis and highly corrosive de-icing agents.


Models 250 600
Capacity 2.5 cu ft 0.76 cu m 6.0 cu ft 1.83 cu m
Hopper Construction 201 Stainless Steel 201 Stainless Steel 201 Stainless Steel 201 Stainless Steel
Hopper Dimensions (LxWxH) 12.8" x 36.5" x 17.25" 32.5 cm x 92.7 cm x 43.8 cm 16.75" x 36.5" x 28" 42.54 cm x 92.7 cm x 71.1 cm
Dimensions Overall (LxWxH) 17" x 42" x 17 ½" 43.2 cm x 106.7 cm x 44.5 cm 20" x 42" x 28" 50.8 cm x 106.7 cm x 71.1 cm
Approx. Weight (Empty) 130 lb 58.9 kg 160 lb 72.6 kg
Motor Direct Drive, 12V, Sealed Direct Drive, 12V, Sealed Direct Drive, 12V, Sealed Direct Drive, 12V, Sealed
Spreading Width 30" to 36" 76.2 cm to 91.4 cm 30" to 36" 76.2 cm to 91.4 cm
Materials* Salt, Sand, Salt/Sand Mix, Calcium Chloride Pellets & Calcium Flakes Salt, Sand, Salt/Sand Mix, Calcium Chloride Pellets & Calcium Flakes Salt, Sand, Salt/Sand Mix, Calcium Chloride Pellets & Calcium Flakes Salt, Sand, Salt/Sand Mix, Calcium Chloride Pellets & Calcium Flakes
Vehicle Application** UTVs, Compact Tractors & Wheel Loaders UTVs, Compact Tractors & Wheel Loaders UTVs, Compact Tractors & Wheel Loaders UTVs, Compact Tractors & Wheel Loaders

*When spreading sand, an additional vibrator is required.
**When choosing a spreader, follow weight capacity guidelines for the intended application.

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