QUICK-CASTER 300W Mounting Options

The QUICK-CASTER 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader comes standard with a 2" Receiver Hitch Mount. Additional mounts are available including an optional Utility Mount, Drop Utility Mount, Trailer Mount and 3-Point Mount.

Receiver Hitch Mount

The Receiver Hitch Mount is compatible with any typical 2" receiver hitch and is provided standard with each QUICK-CASTER 300W.

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Utility Mount

The Utility Mount is designed to bolt to the floor of a utility bed. The reinforced framework uses 8 bolts to attach to a utility bed and provides a sturdy 2" receiver for the QUICK-CASTER 300W to attach to.

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Drop Utility Mount

The Drop Utility Mount is a low-profile mount designed to position the QUICK-CASTER 300W lower for easier filling and better material control. The mount attaches to the bed floor of a utility vehicle with quick-connect pins for easy removal.

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Trailer Mount

The Trailer Mount for the QUICK-CASTER 300W allows you to tow your spreader with any utility vehicle. The rugged steel frame construction and heavy-duty pneumatic tires ensure that your spreader will follow wherever you lead.

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3-Point Mount

Easy to attach and easy to understand, the 3-Point Mount from FISHER® puts a 2" receiver hitch on the back of your tractor. Specifically designed for tailgate spreaders, this 3-point hitch mount has been tested to withstand the rigors of hauling heavy de-icing materials in demanding weather and terrain.

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